United Kingdom Curry Connect or UKCC exists because of the crisis that is facing the providers of the UK’s favourite food and the lack of any workable solution being offered by Government or even the industry trade bodies themselves. Over the past eighteen months since the Indian Restaurant Staff Required FaceBook group was established to canvas support in the predominately Bangladeshi community who make the majority of owners and staff of the countries Indian Restaurants and TakeAways nearly 30,000+ members have joined, and this is continuing to grow exponentially.

The main issue has to do with staffing but it has also become evident that the business environment for a lot of Restaurants and TakeAways has worsened substantially with the market and profitability causing many establishments to go out of business completely. Action needs to be taken to address these issues and UKCC/IRSR is determined to campaign on behalf of its members to find solutions and ensure that the government and the nation at large is aware of the problems it faces. The restaurant industry in the UK is reported to be worth £52 Billion and the Fast Food providers are estimated to turnover in excess of £32 Billion, with getting on for 20,000 establishments the length and breadth of the UK Indian food providers contribute a significant amount towards this employing 100,000+ people and billions in taxes to the UK exchequer we believe it is time that we were listened to properly and acceptable solutions found.

UKCC is now looking to become a resource for ALL catering and hospitality businesses and will endeavour to help make it possible for businesses to exist during this difficult period. This is just the beginning, we’ve formed a management and steering committee made up of professionals that know our industry really well and willing to provide total support including legal and financial as we go forward.