About The Campaign

Fundamental to our aims and objectives we look to address the staff and skills shortages in our industry. 

This would mean training and up-skilling staff, both homegrown and overseas. We are speaking with numerous companies, industry bodies, think tanks, media outlets and academia to help achieve our goals. 

We’ve teamed up with the Craft Guild Of Chefs on a number of projects, including national competitions like WorldSkills UK and the 3 Counties Salon Culinaire. The Craft Guild Of Chefs have even been kind enough to award winning participants in our competitions with awards and trophies!

We will continue to work openly and constructively with anyone or any organisation that shares our same passion for the betterment of our industry. 

We are always looking for collaborations with other organisations that would benefit our members and our industry. Our networking opportunities have grown considerably and have been engaging, informative and quite honestly – fun! We encourage all our members to get involved and join us on our journey.

There is always strength in unity