Welcome to the UK Curry Connect Cooperative …. Your Resource for help and change In a relatively short time IRSR has gathered nearly 16,000 members to it’s FaceBook Group all of them really concerned about the issues that our industry faces. More than any other one single issue the biggest factor that is causing us concern is our inability to find the staff that we need to survive. Training News Today we are pleased to announce that we have been able to arrange the provision of training of in our industry to both NVQ level’s 3 and 4 (Degree) standards. We are now looking for applicants that would like to take advantage of this training facility and also restaurant and take-aways that would be willing to provide placements for in-job training and or apprenticeships. These training placements will be made available from September 2016 and are open to all students whether they are UK residents or overseas students that maybe are looking to switch the degree courses they are currently on. The training will be carried out to the highest standard in the most modern training establishments in the UK. If you are a student please register here https://www.ukcurryconnect.co.uk/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=1 Also please send a copy of your CV to admin@ukcurryconnect.co.uk If you are the owner or manager of a catering business that would be interested in a providing a placement or apprenticeship please register here https://www.ukcurryconnect.co.uk/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=2 Also please email us giving details of how many trainees you are looking for on admin@ukcurryconnect.co.uk and we will get back to you. We want to do better than we have been able to with just the use of this FaceBook group we want to really show that there is a real need and a real problem that has to be solved and we want with your help to create solutions to the things that are driving us out of business at an increasing rate. To do this we need to get more organised than the way we currently do things so to help us help you better will you please also email your job posts to admin@ukcurryconnect.co.uk where they will be posted on to Job Plus which is a national database and resource for finding staff. In addition to this would you please register on this website as in the very near future this will become the place for employers and staff to find themselves. If you do not sign up for membership (which is of course totally free) then we cannot post jobs for you or help you find employment. The statistics that we can gather in this way will demonstrate the real level of the national shortage and will enable us to keep applying pressure to not only be heard but have action taken to help us. In the near future we hope to make this website an important resource for ALL of the catering industry and we are already working on solutions from help with cost effective marketing, sourcing goods and services at discounted prices through to being able to offer insurance cover for our delivery drivers. Please support us by becoming a member and help safeguard your own future. Many thanks

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